Testimonials Re.neck pain & headache

Phil Elliott:
Chiropractor in Monmouth, Forest of Dean & Abergavenny areas Monmouthshire, Wales & Gloucestershire; 
Worcester & Malvern & Kempsey,Worcestershire, England 
BSc.(Hons) Chiropractic, MMCA, GCC registered

Tel: 07840 733275 for appointments & inquiries
in Monmouthshire and Forest of Dean areas

In Worcester and Malvern area
For bookings and inquiries contact : 
   01905 820001
or 07710531192
Morgan Chiropractic Clinic

Testimonials displayed on this website are the views, opinions and experiences of individual patients.

'I have been treated by Phil Elliott for roughly 2 years. I initially started treatment for a long term problem I was having with my neck which Phil managed to rectify for me. Since then I have been going back for various issues due to my lifestyle; every time Phil finds and resolves the problem and 'I feel like I'm 21' again. I would highly recommend Phil for any treatments.'

'Having suffered with a gradually worsening neck problem for several years, I was given a recommendation by a friend to visit Phil at the Natural Therapy Centre. The treatment I have received has improved my neck enormously. I even had a problem lifting my head off the pillow after a night's sleep before. That is definitely a thing of the past now. Phil is so calm and pleasant to visit which makes treatment easier too.' 

'I first visited Phil Elliott in 2009 because of problems with my right
hip & shoulder (I was also suffering with quite bad head-aches, due mainly
to working at a computer screen all day). I had previously visited an osteopath and an acupuncturist but my symptoms had not eased.
I immediately felt at ease with Phil due to his gentle manner and soft voice
but I also felt that, at last, someone was going to get to the cause of my
aches & pains. Phil is the sort of person who really listens to you when
tell him something and re-visits those issues on your next visit. I continued
to visit Phil on a regular basis, and always looked forward to seeing him,
knowing I was going to feel better after my visit and have a good night's sleep
that night!
I would thoroughly recommend Phil as a chiropractor to anyone who is suffering
from neck pain, tension, back pain, etc. He is a source of useful
information on a lot of topics and also has some very funny stories to tell as
well! I shall miss him dreadfully when he moves.'


Cathy H. - Company Senior Officer

'The treatment I received from you for my chronic
neck pain made such a difference to my life. I would like to thank you for the
time and caring attention you afforded me over the last few years. I would like
to wish you every success in the future in the sure and certain knowledge that
your patients will be in very safe hands.

With sincere best wishes, M.R.'

'I have been most grateful for the McTimoney Chiropractic treatment I have received from you these last 5 years or so. I found great relief from this
particular technique and its gentle approach. I have also found the controlled
strength and warmth of your hands to be of great benefit. I shall certainly
miss coming to you for treatment when I leave the area shortly.I would have no
hesitation in recommending someone to your clinic for this treatment.'

R.C Retired Minister

'I have been a patient of Philip's for 4 years and have always received excellent professional treatments in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, I have always found Phil to be committed to learning the latest techniques, always gives 110% during adjustments and he goes out of his way to make you feel at ease. I would recommend Phil to anyone and is a truly wonderful practitioner and gentleman.'

K. W. Massage Therapist


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