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Phil Elliott:
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'I started seeing Phil Elliot after having a large fall off my motorbike during an off road race. I have always been very sceptical and it took me a few weeks before I actually got around to making the appointment, by then I was in so much pain anything was worth a go. Even after the first appointment I remember feeling so much relief and it only took a few more before he had completely remedied the issue. This was 5 years ago and I still continue to see Phil on an infrequent basis as he has done such a good job I don't need to see him too often. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone.' 

H. R. of HR Racing59 :ATRC Trail Bike Champion 2017
2nd in newcomers Minitwin Road Racing Championship 2019 

'I retired two years ago, having had a career that combined sedentary professional work with lots of physical activity.  I began to tackle the more difficult jobs in the garden, set aside until retirement, until an episode of lower back pain last year, which came as quite a shock - I'd never had a problem before. I tried prescribed anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy but the pain continued. After suffering, on and off, for about eight months I spoke to a friend who recommended Phil Elliott. I started treatment two months ago and within about a fortnight, after 2 sessions with Phil, I began to see a significant improvement. I am now pain free for the first time in almost a year and the relief is wonderful.  As the new season approaches, my confidence in tackling construction work in the garden has returned - all I need now is some good weather!'

'I have suffered lower back and hip pain for many years following a serious incident. About 6 months ago I was recommended to try McTimoney Chiropractic. Being treated by Phil has made an enormous difference to my life. My posture and balance are so much better and the pain is negligible compared to what it was before. I wish I had started this years ago.'

'I lived with back pain for many years following an incident and was really pleased to discover pain relief through McTimoney chiropractic treatment. I received treatment from several different practitioners over a 14 year period but none were able to fix the problem completely - that is until I was treated by Phil Elliott.
Through Phil's thoroughness and skill, he identified an issue that had not been identified previously and which was exacerbating the condition that caused my hip pain and back spasms. Addressing this together with Phil's expert treatment I am now pain free and completely mobile. In my opinion Phil Elliott is the most professional chiropractic practitioner I have ever been treated by, thorough, knowledgeable and caring, and I have no hesitation in recommending his treatment. Thank you for returning my back to health.'

M.D'L. Independent Health and Safety Consultant

'During early August 2012 I suddenly experienced debilitating lower back pain, this was a new experience to me. A friend recommended McTimoney Chiropractic. Fortunately on my first day of significant pain I managed to get an appointment with Philip.
Firstly, Philip; is clearly very experienced in his field and has a nice, business-like professional manner. He took my history in some detail and accessed all the relevant areas of information whilst at the same time making full notes/records.
I'd have
absolutely no hesitation in recommending Philip to other prospective customers.Unfortunately I know Philip is now relocating to another part of the country which is unfortunate for me, and I'm sure other customers but hopefully good for Philip.
Secondly, the treatment; McTimoney as a method was new to me, I'd
never heard of it. I now know that McTimoney is a different approach; gentle
and based upon deft touches. Through my several treatments the wrongs were
rectified and quite quickly too; after rectification I moved towards a
preventative and maintenance regime including exercises, changes to posture & work place aspects (I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer which takes its toll). I would have no hesitation in recommending the Mctimoney method. Finally, thank you for your knowledge and skill Philip, which came to me at the right time!

S.P. Senior Police Officer (retired)

'I came to Phil for help with several painful areas in my spine and the knots that had formed in the muscles around them. I could also tell from the way my shoes wore down unevenly that someting wasn't quite right with my left leg.In my first session Phil took a very detailed case history and performed some straightforward tests. My treatment with Phil was very gentle and relaxing.In the McTimoney style of chiropractic, which he practises, a number of small adjustments which you hardly feel are used.Because of this I felt in safe hands at all times and could focus on just relaxing.I was amazed at how much difference the small adjustments made. Phil also recommended some simple exercises I could do between sessions to help my progress along, which was very helpful.
During the sessions, he also used some very precise massage techniques to release the tension in my muscles, which had resulted from my spine and pelvis being out of line.This was really helpful too, and I would often feel that 'ah ha' moment when he would press on a certain trigger point and several muscles would immediately relax.
Straight after the first session I could feel things had really improved. The pain in the particular joints of my spine which I'd had trouble with, had gone and the tension in my back muscles had greatly reduced.
Before my first treatment, Phil had informed me how my pelvis had become tilted, which meant my left leg was effectively functionally 'longer' than the right (which explained the heavier wear on my left shoes). He also corrected this in the first session and I could really notice the difference for the better.
I had several more sessions with Phil and enjoyed similar improvements with each one. What struck me is how you can get used to being 'out of line', and then when everything is back in place, you feel so much better and 'lighter'. I'm sure my energy levels increased too.
I can't recommend Phil highly enough. He's certainly the most gentle, effective and knowledgeable chiropractor I've ever had treatment with. I felt Phil has a genuine concern for your wellbeing and this really comes across during sessions with him.
Thank you Phil!

'I first visited a Chiropractor in Cornwall in 1999 and stayed with them until I moved in 2007. I have to admit that whilst I got along well with that practitioner I did have to visit them regularly -anything from weekly to monthly- and always felt the need for the next treatment. I then settled in Leominster and in October 2009 I found Phil Elliott who practises the McTimoney form of treatment. Within three visits I was virtually pain-free, (I know that due to my condition I can never be totally pain free) and since then I have only had to return every couple of months and that only to keep things on an even keel, not because I have been in pain.
I bless the day I first visited Phil and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. His 'brand' of chiropractic treatment is effective and comfortable to receive, and he is a most caring and considerate practitioner.

'I was recommended to see Phil by a retired chiropractor who advised me of his professionalism and knowledgeable practice.I have not been disappointed with the care I have received. Over the five years I have been treated by Phil, I have found him to be very approachable, always willing to spend time listening to me regarding my symptoms and happy to answer any questions I may have regarding my treatment.I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to you.'
A.D.: Exercise Physiologist

'I rarely have occasion to endorse any particular product or service however I cannot commend highly enough this treatment. I was suffering from constant back pain and a shoulder disorder.Within a couple of sessions I was feeling the benefits of this unique chiropractic technique. As a result I have continued to find it a vital & important part of my general health and well-being.'