McTimoney Chiropractor, treatment in Abergaveny & MonmouthPhil Elliott:
Chiropractor in Abergavenny & Monmouth, Monmouthshire, 


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Training to be a chiropractor at McTimoney College

I became increasingly interested in 'bodywork' after attending an acupressure massage course. I then came to the decision to train as a McTimoney chiropractor after witnessing its effectiveness in helping two close friends with chronic back and neck problems.One with long-standing injuries sustained from her dance career. 
After several hard, but enjoyable, years I graduated in 2005 from McTimoney Chiropractic College with a BSc.(Hons) Chiropractic 2:1. After a probationary year supervised by 'The Royal College of Chiropractors', I became fully registered with 'The General Chiropractic Council'- the statutory government regulatory body). I am also a full member of the 'McTimoney Chiropractic Association'.
Through further training I have developed my interest and skills in various soft tissue massage and release techniques which I use to complement the McTimoney technique.

My background prior to being a Chiropractor is in Science education. For some years I had also taught children and young adults with special educational needs.